From Halifax take the 102 to exit number nine, the Shubenacadie/Milford exit.
Just off the exit stay briefly on that bloody new roundabout and find the 2nd exit that goes to Shubenacadie, not Milford.  (the landscape has changed since this picture)
Travel 2.5 kilometres on the 224 until you come to the Saint Andrews River Road.  Make a left here.
Two kilometres up the Saint Andrews River Road you reach Lynch Road.  Make a left turn here.
Six clicks down the road you come to this sign and a bridge over the Shubenacadie river.  Turn right at this intersection onto highway 224.  You can see a car just ahead turning off highway 224.
From Truro you would be coming on this highway in the opposite direction.  From Truro this intersection is just after the Provincial Wildlife park.
About 200 meters on you reach the end of Lynch Road.  Continue up the farm road.
About 100 meters on you reach a large hay field.  Turn right here and travel up across this field.
As you reach the top of the pasture you can see our site on the hill to the right.  Follow the beaten path around the pasture to our runway.
If you've successfully navigated that roundabout (It was put in just for Bill Grundy) you are now on highway 2 which goes around the village of Shubenacadie.  Travel exactly six kilometers to the next turn.